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Effegi SpA sees its constitution in 2001, immediately characterized as modern industrial integrated in the processes of implementation and management of the pallet.
As part of an industrial group operating in diversified sectors, Effegi SpA offers the market by acquiring real estate and technology which offer a wide range of both new and used, as well as management services and repair of pallets, reels for cables and special packaging.

It is through the ability to interpret the new challenges generated by a logistics increasingly rationalized and globalized that, in large measure, is realized the competitive lever Effegi SpA, supported the renewed confidence shown over the years by major industrial groups and Italian food .

Effegi SpA is today one of the most important Italian industry. Its production sites of Brembate (BG), Cervinara (AV), and Prasice Trvdomestice (Slovakia) have large surfaces indoors and outdoors for the production and storage. These structures allow Effegi SpAto conduct its business, articulating through specific 'divisions' operating synergistically linked by effective organizational tools.
The adoption of an organizational model is an act of responsibility and transparency, of primary importance. The Organisational, Management and Control Model adopted by Effegi SpA pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01, of which the Code of Ethics is an integral part, follows the evolution legislation and organizational, and is therefore constantly being updated and monitoring .

Among the aims of the model: Effegi SpA is also able to ensure the chain of custody, a traceability system at company level used for all stages of processing and distribution, to confirm that the registration system of the flow of wood applied meets the requirements established by the PEFC certification schemes (PEFC Certificate no. BV / CCG / 60,338,993).

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Careful and active to protect the environment Effegi SpA has developed an important division for the recovery of packaging waste from woody to integration and closure of the life cycle of the packages themselves.

Effegi SpA has all the technological assets, aimed at collecting from producers of packaging exhausted (by demountable containers), and the related activities of storage and retrieval of the packages themselves, as well as the launch of its waste shredding process.

The Effegi SpA is authorized by the Province of Bergamo to store and start to recover 40,000 tons. waste from packaging.


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