Pallets Used Pallets

The division 'used' moves and handles pallet address processes of 'exchange' generated by the trade relations between the brand companies and retail chains (Mass distribution). The quality of the pallets must be such as to ensure dry products, as well as the levels of residual moisture to below 20%, and absolutely free of mold, fungus and wood rot, sometimes malodorous. It is evident that the great availability of exhibition area was a fundamental lever on which the Effegi SpA has consolidated its success in major Italian food groups.

Within the department operate automatic lines of selection and repair of pallets Eur / Epal and other standards. The production capacity of the plant is high, and controls guarantee perfect detection of those defects and / or cracks which jeopardize the proper use of the pallet. In fact, the pallet is forced to move in more control stations, where according to the selection criteria set in the software that controls the machine, is considered to satisfy the specifications laid down by the Technical Standards Compliance Eur / EPAL UIC 435-1, UIC 435- 2, UICI 435-4. The pallets are not fit to the sorting, converge at the Department of repair lines equipped and automated by robots.